4 Ways You Can Lose Weight By Practicing Yoga

Have you ever spent ages planning and deciding where to go for your annual holiday only to return home bloated, overweight, stressed and tired from rushing after the children, eating heavy lunches and staying up late drinking in the bar. A vacation is supposed to be a time of enjoyment, however, how many times have you returned home totalled de-stressed and revitalised?

Many Yoga retreats san teresa allow students to come and live with them for a day to experience the retreat’s style and ethos but for students living in foreign countries, this is not an option. To make an informed decision it is advisable to get as many details as possible. You can go online and watch their videos closely to know their style of teaching, facilities offered and many other details. Another good way of getting authentic information is by talking to old students.

Activates your thyroid gland – The thyroid gland normally secretes a certain home that controls your metabolism. It is necessary to have a high metabolism for you to burn fat and lose weight. To be able to boost your metabolism, you need to activate the thyroid gland to produce that hormone. Certain yoga postures such as fish pose and shoulder stand help you achieve this.

Yoga is for wimps: I am sure many of you know that over the years yoga has been deemed a passive exercise as it is not a competitive sport. The idea here is too build strength from within not to struggle with opponents and exercise machinery. The fact is yoga is not really a passive form of exercise; it builds upon your strength, awareness and internal energy. It also builds your confidence, relaxes your mind and gives you direction in life. What other exercise programs come near that I hear you ask? The truth is many professional sportsmen and women do yoga as part of their routine training.

Being a young American female, it is easy to find yourself swamped by everyday life demands. Work, family and even keeping up with a social life can take a toll on you such that you feel burnt out without energy or strength to go on. That is exactly what I was feeling a month ago. I realized it was time to rejuvenate my spirit and recharge my batteries.

A Yoga Retreat with Akasha: Sunrise Yoga Studio, Hayesville, NC.Akasha is a guest teacher that will be guiding you through both physical and meditative practice. The event consists of a introduction to the Ashtanga primary series along with a combination of strong physical practice, chanting and Pranayama meditations. Jun.26-28.

I used to have some back problems. Only when I got home from the yoga retreat I realized that my back was feeling great and so was I. Next thing I new, I was at the store, buying pure essential oils. I still need to learn how to get the most of yoga and aromatherapy. For the next years, I am planning already a tour at the best yoga retreats.

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