7 Principles To Choosing The Best Wedding Photographer

If you’re having a wedding, you’re likely going to want wedding photos so you can remember the occasion in great detail. The only problem with this is that wedding photos aren’t free — not good ones anyway. That said, you’re going to have to just bite the bullet and deal with wedding photographer prices.

Some photographers take a very hands-on approach to shooting a wedding. They want to direct and create every photo as a near-portrait. For some couples this seems natural. For others, it can be very uncomfortable.

Know a friend who recently had a portrait taken? Don’t be afraid to ask. Even if you don’t know someone personally, you can look for shots you see online or even in magazines that you like. Then look for the photo credit and you will find the photographer’s name. If the photographer is recommended, whether by a friend or a publication, you are likely to be satisfied with your portrait as well.

Express your wants and needs with your photographer and bounce ideas with them. You are a participant in the creative process of photography so your ideas should be welcomed. How do you share your ideas without micromanaging? Share a few ideas but keep it relatively open ended for his or her talent to shine through. Collaboration is important, so don’t be afraid to share your ideas about locations, backgrounds and some poses you’d like to try.

Find reviews and feedbacks about the wedding photography online. With the convenience of the internet, you can find great information about a business. Quite often, customers can leave their personal experience online via social sites like Facebook or local directory websites like Google Places and Yelp. So if you really want to find a quality service, check it out online now.

Ask for references, and then check references. Too many people are satisfied with asking and receiving references, but many never actually follow through and check those references. When you call the references, ask about timeliness, professionalism, customer service, or anything that is important to you. Even if you think you have found an experienced photographer with the right style, don’t hire them unless you feel comfortable working with them. You don’t want to spend your wedding day with a person that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Your clothes should complement your groom’s outfits and not outshine them. Wear clothes that have the same level of stylishness, so neither of you is left behind. Pick shades that go well together to achieve coherence in pictures. It’ll be easier to choose your outfits if you have a certain look in mind. So, make sure to discuss it with your groom.

Following the steps above can really ease your mind and make the whole process run smoothly for everybody involved. You can make sure the ceremony starts on time and that everyone gets to the reception before all the food is gone! The wedding photographer is responsible for recording this day so treat him well and you’ll be happy with the results.

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