9 Tips For A Successful Social Media Campaign

Business cards are something that most salespeople carry. Typically, most people only use one side of their business card leaving some valuable real estate or 50% of the card, unused.

These posts, otherwise known as ‘tweets’, are happening right now, at this very moment. If you see an interesting conversation, link or person, you can follow the people tweeting and join in on the conversation if you want. By searching the term ‘Prius’, I just found two people I would like to follow: ‘Best Hybrid Cars’ and ‘All About Prius’. This is also a great way to find what is being said about real-time news, politics, and celebrity gossip.

“Will Gretchen and Slade last? Bellino says “time will tell.” We’ll take that as a ‘no.’ #WWHL,” read a tweet from the official Bravo how to change twitter handle. And it sounds like Bellino just meant that time will tell, because so many relationships have changed over the past season. It is hard to determine who is friends now on the show.

Secondly, for better or worse, I considered, why not make regular tweets, kind of like a blog, but even shorter. I could do short bits on what I do. I decided I would start tweeting about what it is like to be a publisher. I have been hash tagging “#Publishing is… ” I have found this to be quite fun.

“It has been four years already & we have dealt wit some of the worst things life can toss at u #strongerthanever,” Rossi tweeted back in reply to Bravo. It does seem odd that Bravo would be questioning Rossi’s relationship with Smiley considering they have been together for so long. And they have indeed changed over the past year, because of the hardships they have been together. But they haven’t necessarily changed for the worst.

Tweetmeme This application allows you to put a button on your blog which in turn will give your readers the change twitter handle opportunity to easily retweet your posts.

Say you are trying to establish yourself online in the women’s health and beauty niche. You have a new Twitter account and you’ve followed a few leaders in that niche, and have a few followers in return. Get an account on Tweepi. You can buy a paid account, but I do this on the free account and it works fine.

5) Send quality tweets – > Quality Tweeting is what separates the imitators from the originators in the Twittersphere. Take time to research trends and articles before packaging your thoughts in a clever way. Providing value mixed with humor and interesting news is a great way to build influence. Using platforms such as Hootsuite and TweetDeck will allow you to schedule out tweets in advance and measure the clicks on each tweet that includes a url.

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