Don’t Play Doctor With Your Car – Call A Car Mechanic Today

Personally, I always travel with personal insurance. Things happen. This is the money I pay and rather never to use it. It is not a value-for-money purchase but more of prevention-is-better-than-cure policy.

In the event of a not so serious tumble you can pick up your motorcycle on its side and ride it home unlike a car wherein you need the service of a Tow Truck Services.

In any case, you need to check your car. And the sooner the better, which is better. Some automotive store scan your computer. Weekend mechanics, do yourself, this is a good idea to have the scan tool. They spend from $ 30 to a few hundred, according to the model and functionality. Some of which show only the code, some of which display many sensor readings.

After you send your wife and child ahead to the hospital with $20.00 for the taxi fare, the Towing Companies driver hands you the bill and states that he was told it was a cash call. You swear up and down that your tow is covered by your insurance only to find that you haven’t paid your deductible yet. The charge for the tow is $90.00, which empties your wallet.

The goal of selling stories is to make an emotional connection. Have I said that enough times? As you move through your day today you will remember this story more that if I gave you fact and figures on why it’s important to capture driver information and take pictures of the scene of an accident. It helps to protect you in case of litigation as well as false insurance claims.

You will then need to contact your insurance company, and notify them of what has happened. They will likely ask for the same information the officers did in the report, and possibly more. The insurance agent will likely provide you with your best route, based on your current policy.

Operating within your state means you are protected by state legislation. The worst thing we want to do is suggest that something bad may occur, but always be prepared for possible troubles.

LISTEN FOR NOISES. Sometimes you have to turn the radio down. Strange and different noises can mean that a part is about to fail. Listen for where the noise is coming from. A squealing belt could be a worn belt, a bad pulley or other worn parts-all could mean sitting on the of the side of the road. Noises are warnings. Most things are more convenient and cheaper to fix at the first warning (a noise) than after you are waiting for the tow truck.

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