Having Better Public Speaking Skills Can Be The Only Armor Against Your Fears

When I ask my audiences their number one challenge with public speaking, they overwhelmingly say, “to overcome the fear of public speaking.” It’s okay to have “butterflies.” The key is how to get them organized, focused and flying in formation. Here are 10 tips for delivering a more powerful, persuasive presentation, and to improve public speaking skills.

We called ourselves Vicarious Moments at first. It came together, amazingly, and we did our first public gig. It was a family picnic at a park and our harmonies and original rifts went over well; soon we had another gig. The public seemed to like our seventies approach. It didn’t take us long to realize that we weren’t going to be happy doing cover tunes, so we changed our name to “Chainsmoker” because it was something we all had in common. We began writing lyrics and music for our own, all original songs. Some weeks we were so busy we were performing Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

If you simply resolve to make changes or achieve things but don’t have any timeline set to your goals, you run the risk of getting lazy and procrastinating. Set up a plan with deadlines to reach on a regular, perhaps monthly, basis. Then make sure to update your plan if a deadline is missed so that the subsequent deadline doesn’t become impossible to meet.

OSpeaking to persuade, promote, or sell: you might want to persuade people to join your cause, sign a petition, or donate to charity. Or you might be persuading them to make an appointment with you, or buy what you’re selling, do business with you. In that case you’ll need to carefully evaluate whether the training you’re considering will actually meet that goal. There are many reputable companies that offer public speaking training. If my trainings don’t fit your needs, I can likely refer you to a company that will.

There are some great organisations (like toastmasters) who get like-minded people together and help them develop their presentation skill classes and careers.

With online coaching in presentation skills, learning how to tell persuasive stories is faster and easier than ever before. Use the grab-and-go training method – and work with a personal coach to get the attention you deserve.

This is a development with the point above. Recovering from blunders makes you seem far more human. Say not constantly what you know, but usually know what you say.

Don’t talk too fast, don’t try and present too much information and don’t have too many slides (if you are doing a power-point presentation). Not too long ago I sat in a presentation where the speaker had over forty slides for a forty minute presentation.

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