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Have you ever walked down the street and saw someone wearing a t-shirt advertising a business or event? Perhaps you were driving and seen a vehicle decked out with advertisement of a beverage or product? These are all examples of how graphic design works with marketing. Even road signs are products of it.

There are many faucets to graphic design – logo design, business card design, brochure design, identity and branding, magazine and book design and advertising. Find out which channel you enjoy the most and work best in. Having a specialization will help you stand out when you’re preparing for your career as a graphic designer.

When you first contact a graphic design artist, your initial concern may be cost. But you don’t want to hire the cheapest labor if it means the quality of your deliverables will suffer. Cost should only be one concern, but quality takes top priority.

Working on your window cling design may time you some time so include a timeline for your design printing and shipping so you can work well with your deadline.

Be careful with how you use your fonts and types. For an effective communication tool, avoid using too many capital letters. Your text would come off as very stiff and loud. Our eyes tend to be more appreciative of lower case letters that’s why you have to provide normal writing to your marketing collateral for easy reading.

If you’re launching a site, or revising an existing one, then you know time is of the essence. You want to make sure the graphic designer has a schedule in place for milestones to be met. When will you see a rough draft of the designs? How long do revisions take?

Brushes are very useful tools that are part of most graphic design software. They can be used to create cool artistic effects. The problem is that all graphic design software come with the same type of brushes installed. This leaves the door to trademark infringement open. Just avoid using brushes and stick with creating your draft by hand or by using other tools.

Don’t know where to find an expert graphic designer? Well, you can begin your search by asking your colleagues or friends, but the best way to search is to go online. This way you will be able to see their online gallery and look at their work. Creativity is very important in this field. If you come to a site that doesn’t have any gallery, it’s better to avoid them.

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