Romney And Obama: Election Problems – Who Will Get The Election? – Who Will Be President?

Now if guy is lost and incapable of conserving himself, or of even prepared that he be saved, then by an inescapable logic, if man is to be saved at all, he must be the object of God’s function in securing his salvation, and not his personal function. Such a work demands that it be God that chooses man and not man that chooses God. This is necessarily so simply because, as we mentioned earlier, guy merely will not select God. He has no curiosity in God, he has no love for God, and in reality, there is a positive animosity by man towards God.

I haven’t turned on the tv or radio since election Tuesday. (Honestly, I type of like it!) I have no desire to immerse myself in publish-Election parody song postulation as some rejoice guarantees of a rosy long term guaranteed by authorities while other people detail the devastation that is certain to come. One occasion, two diametrically reverse outlooks. Some welcome the pending change. Numerous cringe. Any try on my component to hyper-analyze the national, international, financial, army, and ethical ramifications is certain to finish with a prescription for anti-depressants. Even worse yet, tranquilizers.

Taxes will be increased by $1.eight trillion, with all this money floating around you would think it could make a difference to the debt.However, the national financial debt will improve by another election parody $11 trillion under this presidents watchful eye.

If both 1 of those do not occur, then the fact of a prepared influx of people, and their function, and their cash earned and taxed, cannot location this nation back again into the crimson! I stated “red” as opposed to “black” because this motion will not place us into the “black’ as they contact it when there is a surplus cash provide. The “red” will be attained, a flow of cash will exist. And that will all go the way all the other monies went all these many years, to spend the enormous financial debt placed upon us by educated thieving Politicians lengthy ago!

And then of program property owners, exactly where you have 1/3 of all home loans under drinking water. And they can’t promote their houses and get out of their mortgages. And bankruptcy is at a higher not noticed since the thirties.

You should not deliver business professionals in to speak about these issues. Some might say this doesn’t make sense. On the one hand we tell employees they don’t need a 3rd party to signify them. On the other you use an outside person to speak about unions. There’s two reasons this argument usually fails.

I’ve had a lot of fun complaining on my weblog. It provides me some thing to look forward to everyday. I sit down and believe until I determine out some thing to write about, blurt out the initial thing that comes to my thoughts and arrive back again to see what others believe about it. It’s not about cash, I don’t make much on here, I do it for the love of the game. The passion my fellow conservatives and liberals throw into their movement is inspiring. I might not concur with you but I sure do appreciate the conservations. By no means write me off simply because you believe I’m a stuffy old conservative. It’s no fun that way, it’s much better to have somebody to disagree with. How much enjoyable would it be if we all felt the same way? We’d all be buddies but occasionally opposition is much much more entertaining.

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