Taking The Right Action – Four Qualities Of A Good Online Mentor, Part Ii

Starting an internet business can be as simple as opening a Yahoo Store. And as complicated as building your own dynamic e-commerce web site. But no matter how you go about it, you need 7 key ingredients to ensure the success of your internet business.

Support. Well this is an easy one. There are so many inexpensive “unmanaged” solutions out there that don’t really give a damn about you as a customer. If you have a problem, the only support is via e-mail. I’ve transferred clients away from several hosting facilities that don’t even have phone numbers on their website. My theory is, that if a company posts their tech Arlo wont sync and they answer it when you call, then their system must work pretty well.

Be honest with yourself about what you can and can’t do. This has saved more than one person from getting in over their head. Television shows abound with the “unhandy man or woman” scenario of stating “I-can-do-that-myself” then proceeds to destroy the house.

12. Contact the Better Business Bureau only as a last resort. They will send a complaint letter to the company and ask for a formal explanation. Some companies care about their ratings in the Better Business Bureau and will strive to make the needed changes if you were treated unfairly.

Grab yourself a pen and a piece of paper and write down all the phone number s that you see on their phone’s call history. If you spot phone numbers that you recognize you can leave them off your sheet of paper, but do be sure to write down every phone number that isn’t familiar to you.

If you don’t want to shell out money just to be able to identify your unknown caller, then you shouldn’t think twice, but go for a free service. Once you enter the cell number, these sites will give you primary information about the person who owns the said number — probably name and address.

Check the company’s technical support so that if something happens with your site, you can easily make a call of what going on with your website. They must assure to you that your site is being well supported. Call the support number and see how you are treated and ask a few questions of the tech folks on the line. Even ask if he/she likes the company and likes the support it gives. Why not, it is your money and your business!

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