The Right Way Of Touch – Touch Meditation

No one really knows how mantras work. By chanting and meaningless word it is said that the vibrations, of the sound helpful individual transcend modern life. Several religions believe that by chanting the name of God, that individual will draw closer to that deity.

The powerful personal transformation you will experience in these 30 days will help every aspect of your lives, but combine this with the other lessons from this blog and it will completely change the way you engage in relationships. And later on, when we cover Tantra, your partner will be extremely glad you know these skills.

There is some amazing new sound technology available where with special recording equipment, this Shakti/bliss has been recorded and turned into sound. So simply by listening to some very unique zen Baltimore music, this Shakti/bliss energy is awakened in you.

Beyond this, understand that “expectation” can be a bit of a hindrance to meditation. When we are “looking” for a particular experience or outcome, we tend to “close” our energy. Expecting, like efforting, engages the mind and can keep us from the experience we actually need. Again, it’s often best simply to be patient and to “open” to the energy of your meditation.

It Heightens Creativity and Problem Solving: As your meditation practice develops you may find yourself solving problems more easily. Creative ways of approaching challenges surface. Ideas flow. You write from deep within your soul. Creativity becomes a habit.

People that have created a space specifically for meditation tend to hold to their commitment to meditate 80% more of the time then people who do not have a dedicated space available.

Starting with this brief initiation, over the years I experimented with a lot of different meditation techniques. I especially like the idea of the Native American meditation technique because in order to insure maximum grounding, they lay flat on the ground. You might guess the problem inherent in that method.

It Frees You To Write: As your meditation session comes to an end something magical happens. You realize that your focus is clearer, your energy level is higher, you know exacting what you need to do next. You’ve opened yourself to your innate creativity and your writing sings.

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