Are You Wired For Business Growth?

Tracking your business growth on a daily, weekly and monthly schedule will aid you in developing a sustainable and profitable business. Anytime someone asks you about your business and its growth you should clearly know what is going on daily in your business.

5) How much expertise do you have in my industry? Ask what they do to stay up-to-date. Tax, legal and accounting issues differ between retail, manufacturing, and, say, an ecommerce business. Look for the person who can talk easily about the challenges and opportunities related to you.

Reality 4. Running a business from home requires self discipline and good time management. One day, after getting the children ready for school, Jana saw the TV was still on so she watched the end of the Today show. As she was doing the breakfast dishes she looked out the window and saw the bird-feeder was empty. While filling the bird-feeder, she saw her neighbor was out. After talking with the neighbor Well after losing half the day Jana realized that if she were to run her business she needed to prioritize her time and carefully allocate the Cloud Accounting hours she would spend in the office”. While often working into the evening after putting the kids to bed, Jana also realized she had to set up a work schedule so she would not spend all of her time in the office.

For a week, carry around a notebook and write down every time you buy something or pay a bill. Smartphone users can use a high tech alternative with apps like Mint, Expenditure, MoneyBook and iReconcile that do basic accounting plus more.

Firstly, copper is not that rare, with 88 per cent of the supply mined and 12 per cent made up from scrap recycling. Copper is mined around the world, with America mining 41 per cent of the supply, closely followed by Asia with 31 per cent. The biggest consumer is still the building trade, Find out more about K Cloud for 48 per cent, then engineering with 24 per cent and electrical with 17 per cent. The price of copper can be used as a barometer for the health of global industry.

How many years of experience does the accountant have? Again, a minimum of 5 years is ideal…however, industry specific experience of 2-3 years is a good start.

FINANCIAL STATEMENTS: refer to the Balance Sheet and the Income Statement. The Balance Sheet is a report that shows the financial condition of the company. The Income Statement (also called the Profit and Loss statement or the ‘P&L’) is the profit performance summary.

If I taught anything in this longer-than-I-expected article, it is that investment is both an emotional and intellectual ride. The best investments occur when minimal emotion is involved. The best way to control emotion is to look at just the facts. Happy hunting!

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