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How child friendly is your home? That may seem like an odd question but when we think about it, maybe it is not. Very often a difficult child who is acting out or misbehaving is expressing a sense of insecurity or unease. That may well be due to a chaotic routine.

Filing School management system are already used for so many purposes in every day life which aren’t recognized as filing systems. Your computer has files and folders in different places probably saved in a haphazard fashion on your hard drive with some things misfiled or duplicated because you’ve lost track of them. The shoebox in the cupboard has a pile of paid bills. That’s a file. A book shelf files books. That’s also a file. As is the shelf under the DVD recorder.

Family Management ought to be taught in school. These days, there are some schools offering programs on family management, and that’s a good thing. Most of us have never even thought of the term even though we may deal with the issues every day. Some of us are probably even good family managers!

Remember School management system to keep the kids on task as you are getting ready. You decided to take a little longer to get ready. You have a big meeting at work so you had to iron a shirt and get you suit on. Because of this breakfast is going to be cold cereal, again. You could decide to read the paper during breakfast but feel the need to keep the kids on task. You want to find out what they have going on so you can keep tabs on their activities. You are managing their development. You have a plan for them and your plan does not include a call from the police department one day.

Survival – I don’t usually use that term. While to survive emotionally is a positive experience, just surviving doesn’t seem good enough to me. Realistically though, I know that there are times when all we can do is survive the moment. We each have our own unique system to do so. Depending upon our life circumstances, many of us have used it often. At some point, we all will have a use for one. It makes sense to me to take some time now to examine your own System of Survival. After doing so you could decide whether you have the necessary means to put it in place when it is needed and ascertain whether you need to develop it further.

Recently I got introduced to the website/software “RescueTime.”. Here you can download an application that tracks your time, and if you choose to use the paid version you can also program it to block out certain media during certain hours. I have now used it for a week, and it is an eye-opener. I easily get sucked in to social media, for example, and RescueTime tells me how much time I’ve spent on it.

That is an accident waiting to happen. Therefore, it made sense to move the buses out to an area where they could be cleaned. Of course trying to get in between buses, and open the door of the engine compartment to start them up, and bleed the system, could have the door coming back and sandwiching your head, while you were on slippery ground. We chose the lesser of two evils and shortened the gun wand length for safety. By doing this we never had another accident. I believe this is a good case study in risk management. Even if we technically violated OSHA rules, safety first I say. Think on it.

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