How A Stay-At-Home Mom Can Blog Successfully

Life is definitely not an easy journey. Life’s struggles are worthless but its fruits are priceless! I have been a plain housewife for 8 years. After getting married at an early age of 18, I stayed at home taking good care of my family especially the kids. Some say that a housewife is just a “nobody” because they just stay at home, take care of the chores, the kids, the needs of the family. They did not consider the stress, hard work, time, effort that housewives gave and poured into what they call “lousy chores”.

3) Sell Amazon books. Amazon pays affiliates a few percent for each book bought. You could get a free blog from blogger and learn a little code, it is pretty simple to learn. Then you can set up your own small book store online. Their books typically sell for $20 so you can get $1 to $2 for every book sold. The advantage of this is there is no real cost involved to set up your own book store online. Once completed, then all you have to do is send customers to your free blog and let them browse your online store.

Particularly as the kids get older, teaching them to entertain themselves as you work is a way to encourage their independence. As kids get older, they really don’t need your attention every minute, even when they think they do.

Many people find it fascinating that you can earn money without getting out from your home. Sometimes it really is. Can you imagine you can make the equivalent salary of working in an office by just #vacation_mode, drinking your good coffee from your own coffee machine and lying in bed with TV switched on? It is just one of the best jobs ever for people who want to enjoy life while maintaining financially independent.

The advantage for work at home dads is twofold. They can keep themselves busy during the day doing whatever they have decided to do at home, but keep a job that is flexible enough that they can drop whenever they are needed by their children. This makes a job that takes up time, but doesn’t take over a person’s life – perfect for the stay at home parent.

While you may be looking at similar jobs, they won’t necessarily be entirely the same. If it’s a career at home you’re after, you want to know if you can grow in the job and still stay at home. If you’re planning on going back outside the home to work eventually, you need to know that you can move the skills you’re using in the job to either move to the office with that company or move along to another business in your area.

The resume is the hardest part for a long term stay at home mom. You may not feel as though there’s much to put there, and just where are you going to get references anyhow?

There are many advantages to having a work at home Internet business. You can do what you like and market your own business on the Internet. You can be an entrepreneur without having to work as much as you would at a regular 9 to 5 job making minimum wage. Men are discovering this incredible advantage that women have been using for many years to make an income while staying at home with the children.

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