Is Job Security A Myth?

A few weeks ago on a group coaching call for my Direct Sales Virtual Academy, someone asked to be coached around quitting her full time job. Her main issue, she informed me, was that she needed the security that her job provided and that was keeping her from quitting and stepping into her direct sales business full time.

Well let this EVE online security courses market guide help you understand it better so you can make some money, and have some fun. Key to understanding the market is understanding the economy in the game. This may sound like real life economics but EVE has a very complex economy. It’s not all scripted events for the NPC’s only.

Firewall – At the same time your computer security should be enhanced by adding a firewall especially if you are part of a network either at work or home. The firewall setting on your router should be switched on as these could leave you exposed to hackers or indeed your neighbours might be able to view what you are doing on the internet.

Good training also teaches you to prepare a business plan and then how to implement it, and then how to stick to it. If you had a good plan in place then you would not find yourself in a confused spin. I do agree that sometimes you will have to earn some money in dse assessments a certain way to get started and then change direction later. The good news about this way is that very often the first way will keep running even after you redirect yourself.

In the UK, you are required by law to acquire an SIA Close Protection License if you want to work in the sector. A basic Close Protection Training course took a mere 20 days. Which is what I decided to start out with. Having no previous experience with Security or Surveillance and being relatively fresh-faced, I didn’t know what to expect.

E-Mail Attachments – Be very wary of attachments to e-mails sent to you, especially if they are from an unknown source. These could potentially carry a virus that will prove damaging to your computer. A good computer security tip is to ignore attachments from unknown sources and delete the e-mail. You can save any attachments or downloads to your desktop and scan them with the anti-virus software.

When you’ve got a broker that you think ticks all of the above, make sure that you find out what other traders experience has been with the firm. Type the companies name into a search engine and you should be presented with plenty of review sites. But be aware: nearly all traders lose money, and quite a lot of bad reviews for otherwise decent companies are the result of disgruntled traders who have lost money. Look for informative reviews, where the platform, the offering, the reliability of the spreads, and the customer service is critiqued.

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