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Solar thermal energy is simply the technology for capturing the heat of the sun and using it to heat water. As the sun is the most abundant source of energy available to us all on earth, it makes perfect sense to use this energy to heat the water our homes use. Solar thermal energy systems are becoming increasing popular compared to other “green” solutions because they are designed to capture the energy as heat. Solar PV uses the sun to create electricity where as solar thermal just uses the heat to heat water.

A) Inspect the battery compartment to make sure the battery is in securely and correctly installed. Typically the battery compartment will have (+) and (-) markings to verify the correct direction. If there is no markings found in the compartment, the general rule is; the smooth/flat end of the battery should be placed in contact with the spring. The end of the battery with the “knob” should be placed in contact with the smooth/flat clip in the battery compartment.

Check for anything that may be blocking light to the solar panels el paso panel. For example, have trees grown bigger since the solar product was installed? If so, and they are on your property, you may want to trim them back. Are there any new physical structures that cast shadows such as a new shed, pergola or other tall garden ornament?

The starting point for either buying solar energy panels or making your own is how much electricity do you need and therefore, how many panels you will need.

However, all things that have advantages have their own share of disadvantages. One of the disadvantages of solar cells is that they are too dependent on the sun that they stop collecting solar energy at night and during rainy, cloudy days.

In many cases, it is recommended to increase the size of the hot water cylinder by approximately 25% due to the higher position of the boiler coil in a solar cylinder. Since in winter, when the solar contribution is less, some water below the boiler coil will not always be heated.

Today, more and more houses are having solar panels installed on their roofs. When used properly, these panels are a great way to save money. Though these solar cells may be expensive to buy, they don’t need much to maintain. Also, it will save you hundreds to thousands on energy bills in the long run.

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