Paid Surveys – Top 5 Tips To Make Paid Survey Providers Pay You More!

However, every cloud has a silver lining and there is opportunity in these times for smart business people who are ready to dig deep and swim against the tide of despair.

LinkedIn Profile / LinkedIn company profile. Sometimes treated as the proverbial ugly red-headed stepchild among social media channels, LinkedIn has recently made some pretty useful changes, making it more worthwhile than ever to be there. Evolving from its formerly “static” state, there are now numerous ways it can “play nice” with Facebook, Twitter, your website and email marketing efforts. The new Follow company profile feature (still in beta, but behaving well so far) is one of my new favorites, as it allows me to create individual pages for my various services and products, promote specials, and more.

Writing style: I suggest you review many blogs of similar market areas and see what your eye is drawn to. Look at content, what does compelling content mean? You will need to develop quality writing skills; this improves of course with time and practice. The content must give value to your home based business customers. Ensure that either you or the person writing the blog should have in-depth knowledge of your product, service and your target market. This knowledge will affect language, colors and styles of your blog. Be clear on your key words, use in title, 1st and last paragraph and once or twice only in the article. Also if possible as you design your blog, choose very carefully your primary key word and work it into the URL of you blog.

First, let’s take into consideration the fact that no one really knows how Google’s proprietary algorithm really works. Saying that, we do know some of the things that the “Googlebots” are attracted to (Googlebot is the search bot software used by Google, which collects documents from the web to build a searchable index for the Google searchh engine). The Googlebots pick up on rich content like photos and videos, user generated content, relevant content, back links, updated content and keyword density and placement. These 5 steps are recognized as Googlebot attractors.

Make sure you start and end at a specific time frame. For manufacturing ventures, helpful home based Business tips include taking into account the time you spend making the product. If its an accessory business that involves making those beaded bracelets beforehand, take into account the time spent. You don’t want to find that you have slaved over 24 hours of working time just to run the business. Balance the work and the time of rest. Being overworked at home is both bad for the business and ridiculous.

Decide if you are going to sell a high ticket item or a low ticket item. Why does this matter? With a high ticket item you need to sell less of the item to make money, this is especially helpful for new marketers. For the same amount of traffic to your site you can make 10 times the amount of money for one high ticket item sold than 10 low ticket items sold. So why would you sell low ticket items? Low ticket items are great for a highly targeted market in which you item is in high demand. I prefer offering the high ticket item.

Deliver what the customer is looking for. Make this a win/win situation. Help the customer get what they want and they will help you out in return. An entitlement mentality will bite you in the ass. No one wants to do business with somebody who is in it for themselves. Be a genuine person and people will see that you are worth their time. A less than quality person will be OK in the short run, but their luck ALWAYS runs out at some point.

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