Simple Candle Making Instructions For Soy Candles

Finding soy wax candle making supplies is not always easy, however it is well worth the search as you will be making all natural candles without any petroleum or other harmful substances. A soy candle, much like a beeswax candle, is all natural and great for any one who wants to be more environmentally friendly. If you are unsure of what you need in order to make a soy candle in your home you have come to the right place as I am going to show you in a simple and easy to follow process. What follows are all of the different soy wax candle making supplies that you will need along with instructions on how to make a soy candle.

Step # 5. Now in the thinnest of the molds make sure that you prepared it with the oil and that the wick is in place. Now pour the wax in to it, take your time and move slow as you do not want to burn yourself.

Palm materials were once quite popular in the 1990s. However, palm trees are grown in countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia. Recent news on the devastation of palm rainforests and their habitats have contributed to palm wax becoming less popular. What was once a well-selected wax, palm is no longer the hip choice to choose. Since many candle makers believe in being Eco-friendly, palm has lost its public appeal due to the destructive nature of its production.

Paraffin in its natural state has a melting point just a little too low for the ideal candle as it will get soft in hot weather. The paraffin that melts at 130 degrees will become too soft in hot weather so is not good for stand alone candles but is good for candles in jars or glasses. When stearic acid is added to paraffin it will raise the melting point and make a stiffer candle. The paraffin with higher melting points (145 – 160 degrees F) will not get soft in hot weather so can be used in Candle making molds which will produce stand alone candles. This makes paraffin suitable for different kinds of candles. Paraffin wax is the most widely used wax in Candle making workshop. It is odorless and inexpensive.

I know you are asking yourself this question: What if I want to make strong scented candles and heavier embed materials, what grade will I be using? Don’t forget that you still have one density candle left. And this density gel will answer your question. The High Density candle, also known as the CHP grade can hold up to 5% of fragrance and hold your embeds strongly because it has a high polymer quantity.

Boiling bags, you can find these bags at almost any cooking supply store, they are great because they completely eliminate the cleanup process. All that you need to do when you’re done with them is throw the bag away.

You may hear soy candle fans mention that their candles burn cleaner than others. In actual fact, every single candle will release some soot as it burns. But, since paraffin releases a black soot, it’s easy to see the difference. Soy candles actually release a soot that’s more white in color, and it’s not a problem for people.

Now put the lid on the container and put it to the side for five minutes. As you are waiting use the notepad to document all of the different candle making scents that you just used so that you do not forget. When the five minutes are up then remove the lid from the jar and take a whiff. How does it smell? Is one scent more powerful than the others? Is one scent drowned out? Take notes and continue working and you should have you own original candle making scents in no time!

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