The Power Of Meditation In Your Everyday Life

The world needs a practical spirituality; one that is relevant to the individual challenges that people meet every day, and to the largest issues facing humanity. Doesn’t it seem to you that many of the religions and spiritual paths offered in the world today rely on a belief in the fantastic? Fantastic ideas about other dimensions, other galaxies, or what happens after you die? If what appears to be fantastic opens the mind to real awareness and experience, it may serve a purpose. But I’m not interested in an endless quest for the spiritual experience promoted by someone else, but unavailable to be experienced here and now. The world needs a practical spirituality, and so do you and I.

You are unique, just like everyone else. Your uniqueness is contained in the gifts you possess and your willingness to empty yourself as you share ‘your song.’ Most are so fearful of being laughed at that they hold their unique song in. How sad.

I highly suggest doing at least 15min of Zen Baltimore and maximum 20min for Beginners every day. You will notice a lot of small improvements within yourself even with such a small amount effort. Increase the duration as you see fit some people meditate more than 2 hours a day.

Asteya: This is not taking what is not ours, not stealing from others or even living on borrowed money that cannot be repaid. Keeping promises, making your word your bond.

This gets right to the heart of practical spirituality. Within everyone, there is an impulse that causes them to desire something wonderful in their life. A superficial spirituality has a person forever seeking that from another person, from a book or from a spiritual teaching. While all those things can be significant steps along a person’s path-perhaps even necessary ones-if they really are steps, and not distractions, they lead a person to the dreadful, awe-inspiring realization that the wonder they seek is within them, looking to get out. And the only thing really stopping it is the person, themselves.

More people have understood the Secret. However, it’s not easy to apply and manifest successfully using the Law of Attraction. Application of the Law of Attraction requires proper method because it involves changing the mindset. You must realize that you been creating your reality, consciously and unconsciously.

After my friend and his family perished in the airplane crash, I wrote stories about my friendship with him. I wrote letters to him explaining how much I loved him and his beautiful family.

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