Top 3 Ways To Save Money

86% of Americans used coupons in 2006, and saved over $2.6 billion. That is a lot of money. And we have are as shoppers enthusiastic participants in using coupons. We love to search for them, clip them, and redeem them. Many times customers will try a new company or service because of a coupon. Just the thought of saving money is too strong of a pull to resist. Coupons are so popular with consumers they make a powerful marketing tool. That is why you should make a serious effort to include coupons in your marketing mix.

I understand that coupons may seem too difficult to use. However, an average coupon user saves approximately 12% per year on their grocery spending, which translates to roughly $12 per week for the average household. An organized coupon user will spend about 30 minutes per week managing their coupon savings, which is the equivalent of earning at least $24 an hour (after taxes) for pretty easy work. If you can find a coupon organization system that works for you, you can expect to save several hundred or thousand dollars a year. You will find that the savings you realize will justify the time spent organizing coupons.

If possible try to shop at the stores that offer you double the value on your coupons. If you get $.80 off that can of tuna instead of $.40 you will be much further ahead. Think of the coupons as money, wouldn’t you rather get a $10.00 discount than half that amount? That is why shopping at stores that give double the value can save you which in the end means you have that much more money left in your pocket.

Modern technology has made it easy to find manufacturers Coupons to use. Newspapers are still a valuable source for finding coupons, especially the Sunday edition newspaper, but now you can print coupons right at home from free coupon sites found on the internet. Many manufacturers now offer free Best IM Coupons on coupon printing sites. It’s as easy as printing out your favorite coupons and going shopping.

Having mentioned the importance of getting the smaller sizes, it is also worth noting that some products do not have trial sizes. It means you cannot earn the huge savings that you can with the first tip that you just learned above. Does this mean your coupons are useless? Of course not! It only means that you should get to know your products more and find out which one will offer you the best value for your money. Flexibility when it comes to brands is important when you are using coupons for your laundry. The more flexible you are, the more likely you are to save more money.

Once you have landed to a website that offers restaurant coupons, you are required to type in some information like a zip code. Enter your town’s zip code to the box provided and if you plan to travel out of town, you can also type in the zip code of your destination. You will then get a list of coupons offered by eateries in or near that zip code.

Many websites only ask for your email address in order for you to enter the competition. This means that you can enter the competition as many times as you want. You just need a new email every time you enter. By having multiple email addresses you increase your chances of winning vouchers and prizes and you can reduce spam to your main email address.

Organizing your old and new coupons will take time. You can spend at least one day in a week in sorting out the coupons that you have and discard coupons that have expired. If you have printable coupons in your computer you can take printouts of these coupons and add it to your coupon binder. A little effort on your part in organizing your coupons can help you save hundreds of dollars.

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