12 Daily Affirmations For Christian Leaders

A young child knows little about dressing up and looking good. Children are still dependent on their parents on what clothes they should and should not wear. Mothers, obviously know what is best for her children. Mothers can easily pick the right street wear or everyday outfit for her kids. On the other hand, when it comes to searching the right formal attire for children, sometimes even moms have a difficult time finding the perfect outfit.

Likewise, morally speaking, we cannot call someone good — or bad — and we cannot judge some action right – or wrong — without having some sort of standard to judge by. What is the standard that informs us what is good and what is bad, what is right and what is wrong? Where does Christian apologetics this standard come from? What obligation do we have to obey or adhere to this standard — why not simply ignore it? This is called the “grounding question”. It asks the question what is the basis for determining what is good? Furthermore, for this standard to hold any value and have any authority it must be objective and outside of us. Anything else is simply our preferences.

Yes, we should always strive to give God his due worship and honor but still believe he wants us to enjoy many ways of expressing ourselves and participate in many different avenues of entertainment. You should be able to decipher if what you say, do, listen to, gives glory to The Almighty or at least, does not contradict his commandments. The Lord himself went to secular events and listened to music that was not Christian. He said himself, he did not come to save the “righteous” but to bring sinners to repentance. Jesus himself hung out with tax collectors, prostitutes and the like. Never did he judge them but tried to save them.

Lewis had a truly unbelievable photographic memory, easily quoting pages from books that someone happened to mention. This gift was obviously a very great help to his studies, writing, lectures, etc.

greg bahnsen apologetics Apologist Greg Koukl of the organization Stand to Reason provides the following example: How can we determine whether someone is a good bowler? Is it by their style, or form? No. Ultimately all that really matters is their score. We know that a score of 300 is the maximum score possible in a game of bowling — this would be a perfect game in bowling. Thus a score of 300 is our standard and reference point to compare to. Good bowlers would be those who can consistently average scores nearer to 300, the higher their average the better bowler they are. We wouldn’t call someone who averages a score of 50 good because they fall far short of our standard.

She is the first female governor in a state that is well known as heavily male dominated in both population & politics, so clearly she’s not fit for public office.

These are just seven things that are due to happen in the world that you can watch out for. We are in the last days and the signs of the times are everywhere.

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